multiple perspectives 
2022 glass, plastic, wood and metal beads, artificial pearls, fabric offcuts, galvanised roofing wire, ribbon, plastic shopping bags, dishcloth, wool, fishing gut, string, wood, polystyrene balls, faux fur, canvas, hangers, embodied traces of time/labour/exertion/conversation/ instruction 200 x 390 x 270 cm (height variable)

made with Heidi Stroh, Thandiswa Maxinyane, Cynthia Maxinyane, Menard Hunga

156 hanging, threaded entanglements
Over 1000 hours of labour 

Approx. 350 km of scrap fabric Over 500 knots
Over 1000 beads
70 carabiners 

Over 30 small woven pieces 

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