My forms are an uprising of excess, detritus and ‘stuff’ that I gather and find (much like my grandma’s hoarding of scraps). My uprising of textiles, beads, ribbons and threads are nostalgic, harkening memories of my grandmother, who, having escaped Lithuania just prior to World War II, used to keep drawers filled with salvaged materials of these kinds. 

In contrast to a careless global massing of manmade materials, I nurture small & mundane fragments of everyday life, listening to them deeply. 

The resultant forms hold a formal interplay between accumulated materiality and negative-space. 

As I work between the everyday and the ephemeral, I search for fundamental reorientations in how we inhabit the world. Through the alchemy of creative process, the forms, made of detritus and surplus, transcended reified form and began to perform, play, and respond to the people and environments they encountered. They become living works that unleash agency, flow, and a seeming spirituality. 

These other-worldly encounters show how the experience of everyday objects of domestication can be decentred in a sensitive manner. 

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