reflective connections 
2023 site-responsive installation Iteration 1 – University of Johannesburg, South Africa Iteration 2 – Yi Tai Sculpture & Installation Projects, Art Central Hong Kong

reflective connections creates an environment for exploration, contemplation, and discovery. Four large, net-like, woven fabric constructions are suspended from above, hovering over a reflective vinyl floor design that is based on the play of light and shadow through the semi- transparent sculptures. The soft sculptures are distinct yet interconnected, and visitors can walk through and explore from all sides.

I nurture the material accumulation present in my work – dressmaking scraps, plastic jewels and other mass- produced, synthetic items – through a slow and caring process, thereby transforming maternal intuition into methodology. This process applies humility, Uzma Rizvi’s subversive praxis that sees the ‘I’ in every fragment and thing.

Woven throughout the installation is the presence of care – care for my tactile human-made materials, for an ailing planet, for the body, and for one another.

“Butkow’s work is about connections. It’s about fostering genuine emotional connection in a time of simultaneous hyperconnectivity and increasingly fraught human relationships, fractured along the lines of class, geography, and contemporary markers of identity. It’s also about the connections we’d rather not have – heavy histories, unhealthy relationships with work and money, an overreliance on imported goods and materials – and those we’re still searching for.” 

David Mann, writer, editor & arts journalist

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