shifting reverence 

shifting reverence is a digital animation that presents and re-presents a painted mandala that is mapped off my body’s proportions. The animation morphs, ever-changing, through endless cycles of being made and remade. Its repetitive patterning interrupts, dissolves and rearranges constantly. The animation causes the mandala’s symmetrical intricacy and textured sensory properties to come alive as a performance of the making process, mobilising its materiality experientially. 

Immersive creative processes have a unique power to circumvent the mind through the meditative and repetitive reproduction of acts of make-unmake-remake-pattern-unpattern. The animation opens a viewing space within which we receive and experience through the body, establishing connections within the receptive body of the viewer and activating intelligences that are sedimented within our bodies. 

Digital variations to the repetitive patterning interrupt, disrupt and rearrange patterns of action and thought. Working with and through the body, I questions ways of being and knowing. As we re-orient from head-based intellectual analysis, creative processes remind us that our bodies know things that cannot be contained in logical/rationalized words. The body opens ways to re-learn instinctive and intuitive modes of inhabiting the world. 

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