transitional moments 

I’m a painter whose edges became so expanded that I decided to paint whole rooms, rather than be limited by the shape/size/flatness of a canvas. My forms are an ever-expanding search for what it means to ‘paint’: my particular interest is the painted surface that has a propensity to grow out its frame and expand into explicit third dimension.

I search the painted surface for an expanded notion of painting. Within painting, I wrestle with complex internal conversations, exploring conceptual, material, visual, personal & emotional theorisations. I search for an expanded notion of painting as a Matrilineal way of being – material, tactile, spatial, vibrational frequency, hybrid, bodily, collaborative. 

For this, the immense power of mothering-nurturing-caring that I hone as a mother of four (now) young adults morphs into my guiding creative methodology – an ethos of caregiving that is simultaneous nurturing (holding close, listening, protecting) and expansion (stretching, letting go). 

I explode painting in immediate space, considering negative space as I respond to different spaces. Being unschooled in painting is an advantage, facilitating breaking rules. I investigate painting’s material qualities, exploring how the painted surface comes alive under my maternal nurturing and caregiving. Painting is thus both 

  • process and discrete object
  • monolith and integrated hybrid
  • freeform and rectilinear
  • static and moving- morphing-forming-reforming abstract projection
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